About US

One of the major setbacks in our Education Sector is of Content,every institution spends huge time , money and man-power on their content making, and is accessible to , whom they want to.

Trigrexam was launched in the year 2017 and come across a way of success during it's Education enhancement journey. Trigrexam is a company that focuses on "CONTENT REUSABILITY" along with many features like integrated online exam software,question plugin system in a single Platform with optimized unique userdomains for each user.It is harnessed with the efficient and striving team of the people from IIT.

The Greatest feature of Trigrexam is that Any valid user can create their own content , for now , Questions only.And they control all the authority of their content and can sell it.

Apart from it,Trigrexam is a reliable platform which allows you to conduct exam online, offline on a local network with any type of questions, great speed, high security and in a cost-effective way.